Tuesday, September 21, 2021

How Loud Are Sporting Events?

Are you a sports fanatic?

Excited for football season?

Football players entering the field | Hearing test near St. Johns MI
While sporting events can be fun, they can also be loud.

According to a CDC study, at least 10 million adults under 70 experience hearing loss in one or both ears after exposure to loud noises. 

Hearing damage can occur if sounds are 85 decibels or higher:

  • Sporting events ‒ 94-110 dB 
  • Fireworks ‒ 140-160 dB 
  • Air horns ‒ 129 dB

Sporting events usually span multiple hours, so hearing these sounds for that extended amount of time could really affect your hearing.

These loud sounds can also rupture your ear drums. A ruptured ear drum can lead to hearing loss, infections, tinnitus, and vertigo. While these symptoms are usually temporary until the ear drum repairs itself, it may not heal naturally and require surgery.

See other ways loud sporting event sounds can hurt your hearing.

Hearing Tests Near St. Johns, MI

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At CCMC Hearing Care, our hearing tests can determine the quality of your hearing and help us create a treatment plan for you. Before the test, we’ll also check to see if you have ear drum damage. Our hearing specialists can keep you hearing the sounds you love!

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