Friday, October 15, 2021

Adjust Your Hearing Aids for Spooky Fun This Halloween!

Are you a horror movie fan?

Looking forward to Halloween movie marathons?

a person eating popcorn | Hearing aid near Alma MI
Horror movies can be filled with screams and other loud sounds, so you’ll want to make sure your hearing aids are adjusted to your volume limit. Hearing aids amplify noise, but not all sounds at the same level. You can decide at which volume your hearing aids will amplify the loudest sounds before they become painful. If you’re not sure of your limit or want to be safe, you can lower the overall hearing aid volume in anticipation of louder sounds.

Make sure you can still hear your doorbell for trick or treaters!

Learn other ways to celebrate Halloween with hearing aids.

CCMC Hearing Care Provides Hearing Aids Near Alma, MI

Don’t miss the next “trick or treat!” 

Not sure if you need hearing aids?

At CCMC Hearing Care, you’ll receive an audiological screening to find your level of hearing loss, and if a hearing aid is right for you, you’ll be fitted for the type of hearing aid that suits your lifestyle. 

To get fitted for a hearing aid near Alma, MI, call CCMC Hearing Care today at 989-292-3572.

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