Monday, November 1, 2021

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Hearing Loss

Are you excited to spend time with loved ones this Thanksgiving?

Want to create a plan for your hearing loss?

A family enjoying a meal | Audiology test near St. Johns, MI

Thanksgiving is a time to connect with family, but you may find it hard to connect with loved ones when you can’t hear them. This makes conversation difficult and can leave you feeling left out. Here are some tips to help you enjoy Thanksgiving with hearing loss: 

  • Pick the right seat — When gathering around the table, choose a seat where you can see everyone’s faces. This can help you read lips and understand exactly who is talking. You can also sit beside the people you are going to talk to the most. 
  • Have a helper — Ask someone to be your hearing helper. Someone who can tell you if you’re being spoken to or fill you in on any information you may have missed.
  • Limit background noise — If you are hosting the event, make sure background sounds or music are kept low. They could drown out people’s voices if too loud. If you are a guest, ask the host beforehand to limit background noise.

Get an Audiology Test Near St. Johns, MI

Perhaps the most important thing you can do prior to Thanksgiving is to get an audiology test. This test will gauge your hearing loss and what level of hearing ability you have left. From there, CMMC Hearing Care can determine the treatment option that’s right for you, whether it be hearing aids, hearing coaching, or a hearing aid adjustment.

Prepare for a great Thanksgiving by receiving an audiology test near St. Johns, MI!

Contact CCMC Hearing Care today!

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