Friday, May 13, 2022

How to Ask for Hearing Accommodations

Will you be attending a loved ones’ wedding?

Are you worried you may not be able to enjoy it with your hearing loss?

Here are some accommodations you can ask for that will help you enjoy the wedding.

Integrate A Loop System, FM or DM System to the Venue – To eliminate background noise, you can ask the ceremony venue to integrate a loop system, FM, or DM system. These systems work by transmitting the sound from one or more microphones directly into your hearing aid or a personal receiver with headphones.  Make sure the microphone and loop system work in advance!

Request Written Materials – To be certain you don’t miss out, ask the couple to share their vows in written form on the wedding program if possible. If you want to dance during the reception, see if there is a set playlist that can be shared!

Learn other ways to enjoy a wedding with hearing loss.

Remember, asking for these accommodations is not bothersome. You need these accommodations to be able to enjoy the wedding as much as everyone else. You deserve to experience this lifechanging event to the fullest!

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