Sunday, May 1, 2022

How to Enjoy a Wedding When You Have Hearing Loss

Wedding season is here!

Have you been receiving invitations?

How can you enjoy weddings to the fullest?

Ask for a Close Seat – Before the ceremony, arrange to sit at the front of the venue so you can hear and read lips if necessary. During the reception, ask for a table far from the DJ or band. At the table, position yourself so those you want to speak to most are at your sides rather than across the table. Not only is it harder to hear across the table, but high centerpieces can make reading lips difficult.

Wear Your Hearing Aids – If you wear hearing aids, make sure to wear them for the ceremony. You may need to adjust them to hear the vows but keep the background noise to a minimum. Throughout the day, take small breaks to turn your hearing aids off and relax. 

See more tips for enjoying the big day!

Enjoy the Perfect Wedding with a Hearing Aid Near Alma, MI

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