Monday, July 4, 2022

How to Enjoy the Fourth of July with Hearing Loss

Are you worried you may not be able to enjoy the Fourth of July due to hearing loss?

Three women holding sparklers with an American flag | Audiology test near Mt Pleasant, MI

Here are some ways you can enjoy Independence Day with hearing loss and prevent further damage to your ears:

Parades: The holiday wouldn’t be the same without local parades! To prevent damage, wear ear plugs when the loud segments of the parade reach you. This includes service vehicles, the marching band, and the 21-gun salute if your parade has one. If possible, stand back from the road too. Distance between you and the noise can help prevent damage. 

Barbecue: At family barbecues, sit next to the people you want to talk to. You’ll have an easier time hearing them or reading lips if necessary. You may also want to position yourself away from children or grandchildren playing in the distance!

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If you can’t hear as clearly as you used to, have persistent ringing in the ears, or think you need a new hearing aid, come see us! A friendly audiologist can provide an audiology test near Mt. Pleasant, MI and decide the right solution for you. 

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