Monday, August 1, 2022

How to Keep Your Hearing Aids Safe at the Beach

Two people sitting on a bench by the beach | Hearing test near Lansing, MI
Are you beating the heat by taking trips to the beach?

With gorgeous beaches along the Great Lakes and a lake every six miles, what Michigander could resist? Everyone deserves to enjoy the water and beach, but hearing aid users must be a little more careful.   

Here are some ways to keep your hearing aids safe while at the beach:

Don’t go alone – If you choose to take out your hearing aids, bring someone you trust that can hear sirens, emergency signals, and can generally make sure you’re safe.

Apply sunscreen with hearing aids out – Sunscreen contains oils that can damage hearing aids, so apply your rub-on or spray-on sunscreen with your hearing aids out. Once your hands are completely dry, you can touch your hearing aids again.

Learn more beach tips!

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