Monday, August 15, 2022

Why Use a Carrying Case at the Beach?

Two people sitting in the sand on the beach | Hearing test near Lansing, MI

Do you have your summer vacation planned?

If you’re a Michigander, it likely involves a beach!

Here are some ways to keep your hearing aids safe while at the beach:

Use a carrying case – To keep your hearing aids 100% safe, put them in a waterproof carrying case before you get to the beach. If you take them out later, sand from your hands can get inside the hearing aids, damaging them. Sand can also get into hearing aids if you are buried in sand or are laying on the sand while sunbathing. 

A carrying case also helps protect your hearing aids from water. Even though some hearing aids are waterproof, that doesn’t mean they’re safe to submerge! Take out your hearing aids before swimming. If they get wet, remove the battery and treat them like other electronics by putting them in dry rice.

See other ways to keep your hearing aids safe!

Get a Hearing Test Near Lansing, MI

Can’t hear the waves like you used to?

Get a hearing test before your beach trip! 

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